Your Presence Is Appreciated!

Greetings and Welcome!  Grace is the New Sheriff in Town! We share, learn and transform the ways we share different forms of capital. The Scarcity Myth is just that!

As we continue to expand the goal is to provide a cornucopia of information that helps to Build Cultural Capital (Awareness to Resources) to decrease your discomfort when interacting with others who have differing levels of resource accessibility, viewpoints, ideas and/or beliefs than we do.

First and foremost at the heart of our work is an understanding that regardless of the level of challenge, problem, situation or cultural conflict; Self Knowledge and coming to better know self is the key to success. Without wisdom as the foundation, everything else is merely a projection I refuse to take responsibility for.

We have also added language translation (on the right-hand side) so that we increase the degree of sharing that has been missing from the dialogue. Select your language from the tab on the right side.


Delivered On Administrative Professionals Day at Chesapeake College

Most people tend to fear what they don’t understand. This can include a fear of people, places, technology, food, music, you name it. The fear creates a state of discomfort. The discomfort creates a state of avoidance. The state of avoidance creates isolation.  Isolation creates separation and in the final analysis we do ourselves in under the illusion of separation. We are interdependent upon all life. The culture of greed, or simply put, the ways that we are being impacts the ways we do and the processes that we have adopted and assimilated are suspect and will not sustain life for all.

A strong part of my motivation is the result of witnessing so many who have chosen to become attached to an identity, a history, a way of being that builds walls and separates them from everyone else to whom they are connected. The more I understand the level of suffering associated with attachment…the more I am inclined to allow it let it go. Let us help. Let the first word be hello…in whatever language you choose (néih hóu, āssālam ‘alaykum, bonjour, guten tag, namaste, šalom, aloha, ciao, konnichiwa, zdravstvujte, ¡hola!, sà-wàt-dee, wuddup!).