Where Does Racism Come From (WDRCF)

wdrcf.logo_-300x200WDRCF condenses thousands of pages of books and journal articles in to 44 pages. The author explains where the ideas behind racism came from, who came up with them, what they said, and what legacy their ideas have left in the 21st century. The aim is provide the means for people to improve their understanding about racism and its origins, and for this information to become more widely known.

The journey that racism has made from its origins to the present day involves several people and their ideas, theories, and actions. The language used by many of the people involved is outdated and derogatory. If you were asked where does racism come from?: What would your answer be? It could be that it comes from our relatives, from the media, or because of Nazism, or slavery. All of these can be partly true, but they do not fully explain why racist ideas became so powerful, who contributed the ideas, when and where they lived, and what the impact of their theories is today.WDRCF

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