Emilio N. Williams, President of The Koi Group, has more than 25 years of experience in training, group facilitation and human resource development. Over the past eight years Emilio has served as the President of The Koi Group based in Maryland, a select group of training professionals specializing in cultural change initiatives and building multicultural collaborations, staff and organizational development, group/meeting facilitation, and team building.

Additional training areas include but are not limited to: communication skills, conflict resolution/management, customer service (internal and external), experiential learning (learning styles, multiple intelligence, personality and interaction), goal setting, group facilitation, leadership, recruitment and retention, resiliency, team building, training of facilitators/trainers, stress management, sustainability, substance abuse, prevention and intervention, youth development, wellness and others.

Some of the more recent assignments and projects include: 1) Youth Leadership Development (Washington, DC; Vienna, VA; London, England) including cultural competency, leadership/problem-solving/communication skills, substance abuse, team building, and public speaking; 2) Cultural Change Initiatives (National Institutes of Health, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning commission) including cultural audits, assessments, development of diversity business cases, establishing steering/management teams, engaging staff at all levels, diversity training, follow-up and on-going assessments, coaching and support; 3) Audio/Video Projects: Defenders of Wildlife’s Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders Program – Program Highlights and Training, Ford Foundation and Aspen Institute – Branding and Marketing, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission – Diversity Orientation for New Staff, Time Dollar Youth Court – Step Up Project and Anti-Smoking Campaign, Vienna Teen Neighborhood College Class – Cultural Conflicts, Daily Indignities, Culture of Bullying and Stereotyping; and 4) Training of National Service AmeriCorps Members and VISTA Volunteers (Recruitment, Retention, Staff Development, collaborations, Networking and Planning).

Emilio is a high energy and inspirational person interested in intentionality and the overall impact made on creating vital spaces, opportunities for dialogue and creativity. he is also committed to expanding learning opportunities for diverse learning styles through the use of digital audio and video. Key motivation is derived from working with clients who ‘really’ want to make a difference – those who allocate the resources necessary to create and sustain their projects. Emilio holds a Masters of Human Services Degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He previously served on the Board of NAAEE, Adopt-A-Watershed, and the Steering Committee of the Defenders of Wildlife and US Fish & Wildlife Service’s Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders Program.

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