The Koi Group

The Koi Group based in Maryland is a select group of training professionals specializing in multi-cultural change initiatives, staff and organizational development, group/meeting facilitation, team building and working with youth. Additional training areas include but are not limited to:

  • Communication skills, conflict resolution/management, customer service (internal and external)
  • Experiential learning (learning styles, multiple intelligence, personality and interaction), goal setting, group facilitation, leadership skills
  • Recruitment and retention, resiliency, team building, training of facilitators/trainers, stress management, sustainability, substance abuse, prevention and intervention, youth development, wellness and others.

We believe that open-minded, heart-led learners have the answers. Our job is to serve by helping to facilitate processes where clients can better appreciate and capitalize upon their existing experiences and assets.

Their experiences hold their individual truths and provide critical information for the next best thing for them to do.  As we assist clients to get beyond many of the limiting social constructs and beliefs that have been developed and nurtured; (the stories associated with race, gender, economics, age, education, country of origin, sexual identity and many others) clients begin to connect, communicate and share a new story (beyond his-story to their-story) to address confusion and come to better understand their self and the other. Herein lies the balance of all truths (Coaching, Cultivating, Communicating):

  • People are doing the best they can do at the given moment.
  • People can always do better given appropriate resources (time, money, education, etc.).
  • People are going to do what they want to do anyway – regardless.
  • If ‘you’ keep doing things the way ‘you’ always did, you will keep getting what ‘you’ always got.

Our goal is to continue to provide information and processes that assist in helping clients along their cultural journey.  As you examine the tabs above, know that The Koi Group will continue to highlight a diversity of experiences and resources to build and expand upon different forms of capital, cultural resources, and an ever-increasing group of others who share your interests. ~Peace

Thank You for Your Support. Contributions for Coaching Can Also Be Made Here.