Environmental Bio

The following provides brief examples of work done with environmental groups. These relationships have been some of the more informative in increasing my own environmental literacy. Thank You.

  • Founder and Director of Project R.A.T.I.O. (Refusing to Accept That It’s Over)
  • President of the first National Audubon Chapter in Washington, the New Columbia Audubon Society (still in operation)
  • Director of the Environmental Tools Project (an annotated bibliography of project-related and environmental education resources organized in a series of descriptive tables and summaries including topics on Community Greening, Emergency Management, Habitat Restoration, Hazardous Substances, Resource Conservation, Trails, and Water Resources) – Currently online at www.nascc.org
  • Consultant to the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) in development of their long range plans (topics included inclusion, membership development, diversity)
  • Chairperson of the Urban and Multicultural Commission for NAAEE (working on broadening the focus of urban environmental educators and helping the organization to become culturally competent)
  • Consultant to the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point, NEEAP Project (assignments have included issues associated with marketing, cultural competency, and Outreach Teams – staff and organizational development) – most recently set up a Cultural Competency Outreach Tea
  • Testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Natural Resources

  • Facilitator of conferences and workshops on Cultural Competency as it relates to Environmental Education Associations and Organizations inclusion and multicultural issues
  • Developer of Project 100 – Fund Development- Project providing an opportunity for 100 people of color from around the United States an opportunity to participate in a major national environmental conference in Atlanta, Georgia, September, 1998. (The dialogue will never change until the people who are impacted have a voice). The project provided an opportunity to collaborate with several federal agencies, environmental justice groups, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Facilitator for the Minnesota Audubon Society’s Taking the Limits Out of City Limits Conference in April 1999. The goal of the conference is to discover our common ground for the future health, well-being, prosperity and provision of meaningful opportunities for all citizens to participate in the benefits of natural resource-oriented environmental education, recreational, spiritual and professional activities specifically as they relate to the Midwest
  • Served as Board Member – North American Association for Environmental Education, Adopt-A-Watershed, and the D.C. Environmental Education Consortium
  • Program Keynote Speaker and Diversity Workshop Leader – National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance
  • Trainer and Facilitator for EPA’s Outreach Academy – Diversity: Building Cultural Bridges
  • Diversity Trainer for Aspen Institute Community-Based Forestry, National Network of Forest Practitioners, University of California at Berkley’s Environmental Management Program
  • Speaker and workshop leader at various National Environmental Conferences. Topics include diversity, cultural competency – building bridges, collaboration, and inclusion of diverse stakeholders.


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