Building Capital

Without self knowledge is to be under the illusion that there is something outside yourself that holds more value than who you really are. If financial capital if the only form of capital that you value – you are already broke. We have allowed a culture to develop that places value on control and power for only a few. When we do this we neglect our core purposes (who am I, why am I here), neglect our spiritual capital, and become fearful of the lack or scarcity of other forms of capital and live segmented lives based upon everything outside ourselves and little or nothing from within. The culture that develops is one of greed, oppression and fear to the extent where many people suffer and are afraid to resist or transform it. Grace is expanded through many other forms of capital (resource).  Accept it or not, LOVE is at the Heart of the matter. The culture of greed cannot be sustained for everyone.

Being social and just has been termed as “socialist” and despised by those who firmly believe in profit over people or greed over love. We are using the words capital when we describe financial, social, political, cultural, human, physical, environmental and social capital to be synonymous with “RESOURCES”. We believe that we live in a society that has more than enough resources to take care of all of its’ citizens. We believe that this same society has been trapped in the rhetoric of free enterprise and “pull yourself up as I did” mindsets that it has evenly yoked with oppression and inequity which has lead to tragedy for many.

Sharing can come on other days than the approved fund development strategic days (Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, Halloween, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, New Years Day and many others) and in fact must if we are to survive as a people. Community engagement as a strategy for sustainability is critical to all of our individual and collective futures.

Building Cultural Capital is a framework used to explore ways of providing opportunities for people to share, become aware, develop skills, engage and encounter, reflect and seek opportunities to deepen their understanding and apply lessons learned through previous engagements or encounters with “the other”. This is done through my radio broadcasts on WETS “We Elevate The Soul” (S/heroes Path and Journey, Lifetreestation, EmosConnections) in addition to conducting cultural audits, on site diversity and cultural competency training, keynote speeches, experiential education and more recently through the Path of XPR, a brand new and radical path to understand that there is only one of us. The inquiry awaits you…

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