Training Services

We have had the opportunity to work with very diverse groups at the Tribal, Federal, State and Local Government levels both in the U.S. (Including Hawaii and Alaska) and abroad (Japan, Okinawa, American Samoa, London England and Germany), as well as with many National Service, VISTA, AmeriCorps, Senior Volunteers, non-profits, corporations, educational institutions and communities. Our training approach is grounded in knowing that self knowledge is fundamental to all that can and will be done at a sustainable level. It also combines a balance of theory and practice and aims to accommodate the diversity of learning styles and/or multiple intelligences present in the group.

Based upon the client’s need for customization, session processes may include but are not limited to:  lecture/presentation, experiential activities to engage both brain hemispheres, pre-assessment and/or audits where possible, assigned readings, opportunities for application and reflection, personal planning, action planning and post assessments.

Depending upon the specific needs of the client, some sessions may be supplemented with Field Trips and/or Sessions in the Community using the expertise of the Community.

Sample Training Topics & Processes Include:

  • Diversity and Cultural Competence (Micro-Inequities, Memories of Difference, Dimensions of Diversity, Culture As Comfort)
  • Experiential Learning and Structured Experiences (StarPower, Barnga, Initiatives)
  • Skills Training (Team-Building, Listening, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Leveling, Empathy, and more)
  • Group Facilitation and Training of Trainers
  • Youth Development (Social Skills Building Through Self Knowledge and Confidence)
  • Processes Include – Small Groups, Open Space, Role Playing, Video and Audio Technology

Please let us know how we can assist you with your training needs. Use this link to contact us to begin the dialogue.


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