Experiential Learning

The What – So What – Now What As A Part of The Process Of Learning Is Critical To Success

Who said that learning had to be boring? Become actively engaged in your learning!
Direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills and clarify values.

Educational programming that gets people actively involved in their learning is referred to as experiential. Rather than lecturing or telling, the curriculum sets up actual experiences that enable the participants to draw their own conclusions, to examine their own attitudes, to get excited about a new idea, to see a skill in action, to learn from other participants, and to practice new ways of behaving.
The experiential learning cycle consists of five important stages that pave the way to meaningful learning: 1) experiencing, 2) reporting, 3) processing, 4) generalizing, and 5 ) applying.

Join us as we teach, facilitate and learn skills applied to literacy, poverty, change, diversity, respect, responsibility, decision-making, conflict resolution and more. Sessions are designed for each organization, youth group or training initiative.

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