Welcome To Building Cultural Capital

Greetings and Welcome! As you can imagine, I am firmly convinced through the demonstrations in my own life; that sustained changed begins at the heart of each and every individual. In a nutshell, if I am to address any thing, individual, situation…outside of me; I must first understand and get to better know me. This gives way to understanding my own development, pathology, feelings, attachments and what I believe about doing, being, having. I believe it was Esther Hicks who said, “A belief is a thought I keep on thinking.” Have I bought into the scarcity myth? Have I assumed that greed is the order of the day? What am I cultivating at the level of mind? What are the costs of holding on to and/or defending these beliefs? Sometimes it costs us to settle for less than or either or. Exposure and experience may be the missing link that will help us define the bars and limitations we have placed and have allowed to be placed upon us. There is a better handle from the inside out.


The bottom line is that most people tend to fear what they don’t understand. This can include a fear of people, places, technology, food, music, you name it. The fear creates a state of discomfort. The discomfort creates a state of avoidance. The state of avoidance creates isolation.  Isolation creates separation and in the final analysis we do ourselves in under the illusion of separation. We are interdependent upon all life. The culture of greed, or simply put, the ways that we being we have adopted are suspect and cannot sustain life for all. Let the expansion begin…

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