Culture As Comfort

An opening quote for Chapter 6 of Culture As Comfort sums it all up:

“We rarely recognize the extent in which our conscious estimates of what is worthwhile and what is not, are due to standards of which we are not conscious at all. But in general it may be said that the things we take for granted without inquiry or reflection are just the things which determine our conscious thinking and decide our conclusions. And these habitudes which lie below the level of reflection are just those which have been formed in the constant give and take of relationship with others.” — John Dewey Democracy and Education (1916:22)

According to Dr. Sarah J. Mahler, the word culture is a verb. “As a noun it obscures that fact that it really is about process, in this case the process of learning the particular ways of people around oneself. People learn culture–we learn “it” through interacting with other people and we continue to practice our cultural abilities throughout life. Culture, then, should be understood as in constant motion. But the noun “culture” and the ways we tend to refer to it make it appear as something we have rather than the ways we interact and interpret each other.” If you have it…it implies that you can lose it.

Training sessions and scope of services to include:

  • What is Culture and It’s Role in Establishing Comfort
  • What it Means to See Through Different Lenses and to Check in With My Cultural Discomforts
  • Bridging Cultural Discomforts and Socially Integrating New People into Groups
  • Encountering Others and How Social Distinctions Arise
  • Impacts of Categories (Race, Gender, Others)
  • Expanding Cultural Comforts
  • Linking the work of Terry Cross and Milton Bennett on how Cultural Competency plays out in society on many different levels (individual, family, community, organization, schools, etc.)

Speaking at the University of Maryland on Immigration Issues from her newly released book, “Culture As Comfort”

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