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Announcing the addition of services, opportunities, grace and patience to be able to be a listening heart for myself which ultimately equates to being able to clearly hear others. Understanding this lifelong journey and many years of reflection and intensive study of my SELF has clarified for me that there is no “out there, magic bullet, new book or CD that holds the answer.” I am honored to be one with you. This does not mean that I give advice, as that removes responsibility from the individual and usually leads to a refusal to own and accept what is, blame, shame, and “see what you made me do”.  On a deeper level of heart and inquiry I was better able to clarify areas where I was stuck in greed and ego, uncertainty, the places where I had concerns about my past, current or future direction; course of actions and the belief systems I designed to maintain and justify where I was and what I did. Wow! What I am saying is that I’m growing. I’m waking up. I’m understanding peace.PeaceRegardless of whatever the problem or situation experienced (social, political, economic) may be, I have come to know that self knowledge (coming to better know myself) is the only path to resolution. I am humbled and honored to be able to assist you even as I have been assisted and continue to assist me.


  • Realizing that most of my professional life has been invested in the resonance I have with solving cultural convergence issues including but not limited to; 30 plus years of training, counseling and facilitating explorations associated with identifying and working through cultural conflicts experienced.

  • Watching others including myself become attached to identities (racial, ethnic, gender, class, etc.) willing to use violence and defend their right to have their stated identities designated or identified as superior.
  • Knowing that problems can’t be solved by using the same kind of thinking used in creating them, and that the answers lie within and that sometimes a guide, servant leader or someone I can trust is needed to help unpack the limiting beliefs.
  • Accepting that what I cultivate (culture developed) are belief systems that depend upon everything outside me and nothing of the truth of and within me. Self knowledge is the only path.
  • Witnessing and experiencing the pain associated to external attachments that produce deep suffering and the vicious unwillingness to let go; and how these lessons, painful to bear, become a gift for others who share the same dramas, experiences or attachments.

As I continue to embrace decoding the Self from all of the personality created and attributed, I awaken even more to Self Knowledge. In the process, every turn, each number (tumbler if you will) is significant, unlocking yet another tumbler that helps opening and removing blocks to knowing and understanding; creating space to synchronize with a new awareness, providing opportunities to explore beyond the fears that prevent the journey alone for fear of being alone; to a point where the heart speaks and you hear and feel that you can take the next best steps without concern or fear for the other. This is a process I am willing to share with you.

Some of the Questions I’ve Explored:

What have I cultivated?

What am I cultivating now?

What have I become conditioned to believe?

What is the cost of holding on to those beliefs?

What fears prevent me from letting go?

Am I ready to stop the suffering?


My work and process has been heavily influenced by Spiritual Teachings and Tools through Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Bible, The Noble Eight Fold Path and other spiritual influences.


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