Man because he is only one part of the equation and has the opportunity to model to others the balance of a man within a man (logical and emotional) as a model, leader, parent, caring adult; someone to talk to – a listener. Many of the students we meet for one reason or another don’t currently have a man in the home. This does not mean that a woman cannot raise a child or serve as a role model. Society places many different and confusing expectations and oftentimes it is difficult for the child to fully understand the navigation required to be who s/he is without the input of both male and female (this can be uncles, brothers, friends, etc.).

The number two (2) is included because it is the lowest common denominator to begin the dialogue that extends beyond and within my self and me. Two provides a speaker and a listener, a giver and a receiver; a sounding board, a mirror if you will.

Mentor because every child has a capacity, every parent has a capacity and we each are challenged developmentally at every stage of life. Any time our exterior world or environment places demands upon us and we have yet to develop the social skills (resource, capital, or strategy) to respond, it shows up in our behavior. For students it can range from silence, withdrawing, yelling, throwing things, pushing, hitting, biting, leaving the classroom, etc. Parents tend to have a different capacity and their behavior is similar, however, it tends to manifest in yelling, cursing, blaming, threatening, or violence toward the child, withdrawing their child from the school. The fact of the matter is that each person at any given time; does the best that s/he can do. With assistance, increased capacity, skill and comfort level everyone wins. The challenge with both child and parent is to develop a comfort level that allows them to seek or ask for the help when it is needed and to know that to ask for help does not make you less than. No one came with a manual on how to be a parent. You learn as you go and by the time you think you have it right, the child is ready to move on…then it starts all over with the assumption that you know how to be a grandparent.

MAN-2-MENTOR Services Relationship grows out of and depends upon the desire to learn and develop and the desire to share what I have learned. Given my experience in training, counseling, working with adults and children, and more important; my own inner self-exploration, I can serve from who and where I am. Let me know how I can assist you in the development of your own capacities.

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