Working With Students & Schools

Over the past 15 months I served in the role of Dean of Student and Family Life for the Monarch Academy Public Charter School  located in Baltimore Maryland. In that capacity my role was:

  • To model and build strong, mutually respectful relationships with students, families, community members and support teachers to do the same.
  • To use my leadership experience, high energy, excellent organizational abilities, creativity and talent to inspire and create a warm and supportive environment for students.
  • To partner with parents and families to build an authentic school-wide community.
  • To work closely and effectively with children who have behavior and/or developmental challenges and their families to partner with the school IEP Chair, social workers and teachers to execute individualized behavior incentives and plans where needed.

I seek opportunities to apply what I have learned with other schools, parents and students in a meaningful way.

View additional detail on this link for additional ideas and programs instituted in the school.

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