School Wide Activities for Students and Parents

Students enter every school system with very different levels of experience and expectations  from other schools. The previous school attended is the last thing they remember or in many cases, the first thing they want to forget. Their expectations about school, what type of culture (how comfortable will it be) is demonstrated, how they will be treated by teachers and administration, and the perceptions and attitudes of parents and their expectations are always quite interesting. Suffice it to say, Monarch Academy is a brand new environment with very different expectations and operating to develop an entirely different culture than what the students or their parents have experienced in the past. As a part of being a school driven by the foundational principles of transformation education and expeditionary learning the teachers and administration place the student first do everything they can to create a learning environment that maximizes the learning for each and every student regardless of their past experiences.

As a part of cultivating a learning environment that encourages fun and learning I instituted several programs and ideas to increase the likelihood that every student was recognized from where they were and not necessarily where they or their parents thought they “were suppose to be”. The following ideas were instituted providing and supporting the school culture.

  • BOYZ to Men Social Skills Group –  Becoming – Open – to Yourself Zeal)
  • Girls Social Skills Group (COURAGE)
    • I am in control of myself
    • To distract from one thing is to distract from all things.
    • To be peaceful with one thing is to be peaceful with all things.
    • I will be peaceful for I AM ONE!
  • Speed Cup Stacking Competitions with bronze, silver and gold medals (highlighted during community meetings
  • Video Interviews (based on expeditions, motivations for achievement, thoughts about their teachers, learning, feelings, etc.)
  • Slide Shows of Every Event (Lion King, Summer & Fall Festivals, Spirit Week, Field Days, Honor Society, Community Meetings, Expeditions, Pajama Book Donations, Special Visitor Events, Dances and more) Broadcast from The Main Lobby
  • Opportunities to have lunch with the Dean
  • Community Service Projects
  • Chess. Checkers, Speed Stacking with the Dean
  •  Reading and Supporting Fellow Students in Math
  • Daily Check-Ins
  • Behavioral Charts and Plans
  • Break-It-Fix-It and VOMP Forms
  • Stranger Danger for Parents
  • Anti-Bullying Sessions with Students


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