It is important to hear from others with whom you work with and/or serve in any capacity (students, teachers, staff, parents, etc.). The following are comments that have been provided. Please contact me directly for reference information.

  • “You will be missed.  It was truly a pleasure working with you and I wish you well.” Charisse McNeil, Parent
  • “We pray you have God’s Speed with everything you do. We will miss you. Thank you so much for everything.” Elizabeth Sykes, Parent
  • “I know of few others who are as dedicated to the success of individual children and the overall transformation of the culture of an entire school, as Mr. Williams demonstrates.  Mr. Williams instills in students, parents, community members, and staff a sense of culture, the need to do “right”, and the significance of being a “family amongst strangers”. His energy and enthusiasm is only overshadowed by his dedication, passion, and meticulousness to the tasks at hand.  Mr. Williams has been a key player in transforming our school culture and redirecting all of us when we strayed from the mission.Thank you for everything!” B. Christine Overstreet, 4th/5th Grade STEM Teacher, Monarch Academy, Baltimore Campus

  • “You had shown a genuine care for the students throughout the time that I’ve known you and I am saddened to see you leave. However I am happy to see that you are following your heart, best of luck in your endeavors. Sincerely Yours.” Jessica Chambers, Parent
  • “We’ve been at Monarch since they began last year just like you have. Many parents appreciate the job you do because you do it well and you are very supportive of our children. Just like us you want our children to succeed. I’m sure you’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out what can be done differently in terms of the children on the buses and behavior as a whole, but keep in mind many of our children come from really bad situations. We both know that with any thing in life there comes difficulty but support, a smile, and unconditional love go a long way. The problem is that many of our children and parents need the support, smile, and unconditional love that you and the Monarch family provide. I know that you have a military background because we’ve spoke of it before, so you are familiar with how far faith (whether it be religious or faith in yourself), determination, and a strong foundation goes. So with all that being said, “Please stay Mr. Williams!” We need a person like you at the school and our children need you! So please stay! Don’t go! We all need you more than you know! God Bless.” Martina Robinson, Parent
  • “You were definitely an asset to the school! It was a pleasure getting to know you.” Kanisha Reese, Parent
  • “The strong and omnipresent spirit that our Dean of Student and Families, Emilio Williams, holds was felt school wide by the students and teachers each day. Simply knowing the strength in the support I had from him gave me comfort and reassurance that if there were a problem, I would not be solving it alone. Mr. Williams is a man that all of the students and faculty not only respected and admired for the changes he could make in learners, but we also lucidly opened up to him with ease. Underlying issues that neither parents, teachers, or students themselves could identify in the children, Mr. Williams could bring light to. Not only did he isolate these problems, he created a way for children of all ages to understand the rights and wrongs of their thought process’ and actions. One of the most difficult parts of finding a solution to a problem that a student has, is finding the root of it. Whether there was a new challenge in a student’s life that was nearly days old, or a problem, which began manifesting years ago, Mr. Williams synthesized best practices with personal experience, and until he created a solution. He put pieces together for the students that could ease their anger, and give them hope for their future.” Ashley Wilson, 3rd Grade Teacher, Monarch Academy, Baltimore Campus
  • “I just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for your service to Monarch Academy, and to wish you great success in your future endeavors.  I am not sure how we will make it without you :- ).  I was always confident that my son would make it to the correct bus every day with your direction. I appreciate the positive male role model you are to my son and all the boys of Monarch Academy. Thank You.” Sheryl Hamlett
  • “Mr. Williams, I’m at a loss for words, I truly hate to see you leaving.  I just heard your message and I must say I truly appreciate your sharing this message with my family and I.  My children Samantha and Alex are going to miss you.  I’m going to miss you.  You have been a great help and a very comforting person to come to in time of need.  I will keep in touch with you and wish you the absolute best for your future.  It’s been a pleasure knowing you as part of Monarch Academy. Have a blessed day.” Gina Powell-Harper, Parent
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