Political Capital

The Mental Energy Field (MEF) of politics is about creating an outward image that is appealing enough to voters so you can win the election and wield the power of the government to control society. It’s about acquiring power and using it in such a way as to build on the power you have acquired. Deception, seduction and manipulation are the strategies used.” — Going SOULo, An Adventure, 2008.

Political Capital should never be something that only candidates possess. Yet, until there is a true democracy of self government, we will continue to put the same caliber of leaders into the positions they desire.

Young people made a major difference during the last presidential election and will continue to make their impacts both at the local and national levels. We want to ensure that our nation’s youth understand the issues beyond the “Mental Energy Fields” that have been created to sway their opinions. This will require tremendous study, integration of curricula, relationships with school systems, after school programs and many others. We have begun and will work with other organizations who aim to create bi-partisan efforts that move well beyond, race, gender, class, sexual orientation, age or for that matter any of the other identity zones currently used to classify human beings. Stay tuned…young people WILL continue to make a difference.


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