Greetings and Welcome!  I imagine that increasing your comfort level, relating, serving, working and building with others who appear different than you (religion, ethnicity, race, gender, age, politics, etc.) and your curiosity is what brought you here. My passion is deeply rooted in helping to create and expand opportunities for others to explore their stories and become more comfortable with others who both appear different and similar; for in the final analysis…there is but one story. The attachments to those stories and the meanings made about them have given life to tremendous pathology. The word pathology is from Ancient Greek πάθος, pathos, “feeling, suffering“; and -λογία, -logia, “the study of“. Letting go means to come to an understanding, acceptance and an opportunity to stretch your comfort build your cultural capital. This can only be done through inquiry. Our aim is to help (in some cases) facilitate, display, edit, transform, convey and present the "story" the way you want it presented. When we are given permission...we engage in helping you transform from the attachments to that story thus allowing the true writing, producing and directing to begin. Click on any of the links or images to learn more.

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