Domains of Effectiveness

The Koi Group has concentrated much of the work in several primary areas including: collaboration and coalition building; cultural competence and diversity, curriculum development; fund development/fundraising; group facilitation/training/team building; management, public speaking, youth development, video and audio services. A selection of representative work is listed below:

Collaboration and Coalition Building – Building collaboration among a cross stream of community service providers, Baton Rouge, LA; Taking the Limits Out of City Limits Environmental Collaborative, Sixteen Chapters of Audubon and two local communities in the Twin Cities area, MN; Creating an Inclusive Environment for national teams working in diverse community watersheds across the country, Bend, OR; Strengthening Community Partner Programs representing 5 cities and national parks across the U.S.; Collaboration and Sustainability training for Campaign Consultation including Florida, Lake of the Ozarks, Indianapolis, and others.

Cultural Competency/Environmental Education Involvements – Served as the first President of the New Columbia Audubon Chapter in DC, and is on the Board of Adopt-A-Watershed and North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and Chair of the NAAEE Urban and Multicultural Commission. He worked with the Audubon Center of North Woods and local Audubon Chapters in their efforts to “Take the Limits Out of the City Limits” (diverse stakeholder involvement). Conducts town meetings, facilitates conferences, and serves as a keynote speaker for environmental organizations. Most recent multicultural work and diversity clients include Adopt-A-Watershed, Amtrak, D.C. Fire Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Prudential Insurance Company, National Parks Conservation Association, and the National Multicultural Institute. He recently completed a Community Partners Planning Guide used by local communities and the National Park Service in their efforts to break down racial barriers in our Nations Parks and is currently working on Cultural Change Initiatives with the National Institutes of Health and the Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission.

Curriculum Development – Environmental Tools Guide for National Youth Conservation Corps; Building Strong Collaborations, Ensuring Diverse Contributions, Recognizing Contributions, Campaign Consultation; Wellness and Personal Development Training, Youth Corps and Youth Service Programs; Using Storytelling to Promote Critical Thinking and Literacy Skills, AmeriCorps and Youth Conservation Corps; Community Partners Planning Guide, National Parks Conservation Association; Unified State Training Plan for Executive Directors of State Commissions, Corporation for National Community Service; Wellness and Health Promotion for Youth, Save the Children.

Fund Development/Fundraising – $80,000 in scholarship funds for diverse representation attending national environmental conferences, North American Association for Environmental Education; Project R.A.T.I.O. (Refusing to Accept That It;s Over) funding to support all expenses to equip 20 youth per month in outdoor learning adventures – camping, fishing, hiking, etc.; conducted workshop entitled “Show Me the Money“: in Atlanta, Georgia for group of national environmental program directors; Identifying Resources and Successfully Asking, T.R.E.N.D. Conference in St. Louis; ongoing proposal reviewer for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Mentoring Programs.

Group Facilitation/Training – Cultural Assumptions and Training of Trainers in Diversity, National Multicultural Institute; Diversity Training, DC Fire Department; Fostering a Respectful Workplace, Valuing Diversity, Appreciating Diversity, BNA Communications, Inc.; several retreats and strategic planning sessions for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Coordinating Council; Collaboration, Mobilizing Assets and Sustainability Trainings for VISTA’s, AmeriCorps, Promise Fellows, Facilitator for the Save the Children Leadership Conferences; Facilitator Training for AmeriCorps and Youth Service Crew Supervisors, and Facilitator for Adopt-A-Watershed Leadership Institute.

Management– Proven staff development, technical assistance and program development for organizations with staff size between-3-30, budgets, and contracts that have ranged between $300,000 and $2 million. Have ability to access current systems and follow-up with appropriate and cost effective changes to produce desired outcomes. Familiarity with computer systems, software and local area networks provides an extra-added benefit to the management team.

Public Speaking and Conference Facilitation (Emcee) – Experienced and effective with groups from 5 – 5000, has testified before congress, serves as keynote speaker for conferences and major training events, works with large audiences for extended periods of time, and provides humor, connection, inspiration and insights in diverse group settings. Often times it is simply a matter of having someone on board who can keep things energized, focused and moving forward. The balance between humor, reality and practicality are hallmarks most often experienced by the participants and clients.

Sales– Belief that all are either selling or producing products. Combines practical aspects of marketing and promotion, determining customers needs, addressing objections, closing and following up and values the foundation of customer relations management. Has worked successfully with a couple leading marketing companies and in his history has sold everything from telephone services to nutritional products to legal services to electronic parts. He is not afraid to make the “ask” and address oppositions as they arise. The last six years have put his sales experience to the test – for every day there is a new customer, a product to deliver, a contact to follow up on, a new adventure, a new lead, a new relationship. Everyone is a suspect and suspects turn into prospects and prospects turn into customers and customers turn into advocates and the bottom line is – word of mouth advertising can be the best.

Youth Development – Several projects facilitated and developed in the pursuit of strengthening our nation’s youth and programs set up to serve them, Wellness Training; Team Building; Experiential Learning; High School Orientation and Team Building for the Students; Promoting Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills; Rites of Passage, Cultural Appreciation, Co-Training with Youth; for United Way, Save the Children; Promise Fellows, Weed and Seed, Adopt-A-Watershed; Youth Detention Facilities in the State of Maryland and National Association of Youth Service and Conservation Corps. Developed a training resource manual for Save the Children on health and wellness issues delivered as a training tool to be used online and as a training component for health mentors across the country in their domestic programs. Currently serving as a member of the International Youth Leadership Development Project: Young Leaders for Safer Cities.

Video/Photographic Services– Defenders of Wildlife Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders Program – Program Highlights and Training, Ford Foundation and Aspen Institute – Branding and Marketing, Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission – Diversity Orientation for New Staff, Time Dollar Youth Court – Step Up Project and Anti-Smoking Campaign, Vienna Teen Neighborhood College – Cultural Conflicts, Daily Indignities, and the Culture Of Bullying.

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